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After waking up @ 3:30am to support and help Roxie with her 4th and final litter, I went to work at my other job (the salon - Debbie's Mane Concern, LLC), I was exhausted! Now a bit refreshed at 3:30 this morning, I share the events of yesterday morning. Hanging out with these adorable puppies is so rewarding, but I fell into bed without writing a proper email to share my excitement. Many of you followed Roxie’s progress through my text messages but I actually wanted to share the entire experience with you.
Roxie began and consummated her final delivery on May 24th. She will retire after weaning this litter and be our “Forever” pet. She is an amazing pup and we love and appreciate her! In honor of the upcoming Memorial Day remembrance and my love of theatre, I present the “Hamilton Collection”
After Roxie took a potty break @3:30am, (I guess she knew it was time) I felt her 1st push of labor. We scooped up the blanket from our bed (where all of Roxie’s deliveries have initiated) and deposited her gently in her whelping box.
I sounded the call “We’re in labor!”
Roxie took control.
George Washington led the pack.
A strapping young male at 9.4oz was on the battlefield. His dark coat was marked with one tiny white spot on his formidable chest and barely a dot of brown color on his very pink nose, Washington was shivering from the abrupt exposure. Support staff Griggs to the rescue! She tried drying his coat, then went skin to skin. Mess Sargeant Huster prepared coffee to bolster the ranks.
More than an hour passed before Thomas Jefferson would join the fray, also at 9.4oz. Jefferson had a longer, narrower head. His equally dark coat had a larger white patch emblazoned on his chest and a tiny white plume atop his head. Jefferson was a bit vocal so he joined Washington in the shelter to warm up.
15 minutes later Angelica was on site, at a mere 8.7oz. With a dab of white above her nose and a small plume on her head, she was dressed in a blouse of white from chest to a high neckline. The rest of her frock was a bit lighter than the preceding guests. Angelica finished her look with tiny white slippers.
Less than 30 minutes later, Mariah Reynolds made her appearance. At a hefty 10.35oz, she will be the darkest “lady” of this night. What was Hamilton thinking???
Another 40 minutes and Eliza turns heads. At a slight 8.6oz, she wears white below her chin and at the base of her right arm. Eliza’s coat is considerably lighter than any other present, which makes her elegance stand out even before she adorns with a large white plume.
Alexander Hamilton heard of this beauty and joined the party in 33 minutes. Stunning, at 9.9oz, in his buff colored attire, he will compliment any gathering and certainly Ms Eliza. Hamilton donned a white plume atop his head.
We thought the party was complete, but Martha Washington showed up a bit more than fashionably late, 3&1/2 hours after Alexander. Martha, 9.3oz and dressed in finery fit for a general’s wife, wore a light coat exposing white at her chest and under neck.
I am certain you all agree that this is the party of the century and I am so blessed to have been invited.
Best regards!
Debbie (Written May 25, 2023)
1st George Washington- 3:54am boy, tiny brown spot mid nose and tiny white spot on chest, 9.4oz
2nd Thomas Jefferson- 5:30am boy, big white patch on chest, tiny white blaze on top of head, longer skinny face, vocal, 9.4oz
3rd Angelica- 5:56am girl, white on top of nose, under chin, down to chest, small blaze on top of head, white front toes, 8.7oz
4th Mariah Reynolds- 6:19am girl, darkest female, tiny white spot under neck and chest, 10.35oz
5th Eliza- 7:00am girl, light color, large blaze on head, white under chin and at base of right arm, 8.6oz
6th Alexander Hamilton- 7:33am boy, buff colored with blaze, 9.9oz
7th Martha Washington 11:05am girl, light color, white chest and under neck, 9.3oz
Parents: Rocks and Roses Doodles- Roxie & Homespun Doodles- Scout
All coats & markings are subject to change as the puppies grow. 

Isn’t this great? Now there are eight!
Independence, you say? I’ll never stray
But being alone? I’d have to leave home…
8 mouths to feed, Alway under my feet
Stripes down their back, one wears a hat
Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross will wrestle to see who is boss.
Firecracker and Sparkler will light up your life
Boomer and Patriot will fight to be heard, while Liberty and Revolution never utter a word.

Written by Deborah Huster on July 8, 2022

Introducing the Independence Collection! Roxie started with contractions around 4:35am, nesting at 4:40am, & birthed her first puppy at 4:53am. She finished delivering the 8th & final puppy at 8:28am!

1st Liberty- 4:53am girl, light blonde, curly coat 8.1oz

2nd Patriot- 5:12am boy, big white mark on his chest, straight coat 8.8oz

3rd Sparkler-5:18am girl, darkest female, wavy coat 8.9oz

4th Revolution- 5:30am boy, medium color, no distinctive markings, curly coat 8.8oz

5th Firecracker- 5:59am boy, pale blonde, small white blaze on head and white tip on tail, little wave in his coat 9.5oz

6th Uncle Sam- 7:10am boy, vocal, light, curly coat 8.4oz

7th Betsy Ross- 7:25am girl, white blaze on head and white line from head to mid back, curly coat 9.5oz

8th Boomer- 8:28am boy, faint white line on back, wavy coat 9.5oz

Parents: Rocks and Roses Doodles- Roxie & Fox Creek Farm Goldendoodles Teddy

All coats & markings are subject to change as the puppies grow!

We were hoping and expecting 6 bundles of joy, but our first little girl went to Heaven before we even met her. Then, when we thought Roxie was through, she blessed us with a "bonus" pup. A girl that we were not expecting.

Once again, Roxie began the birthing process in our bed, while Steve & I were napping, 4 days before her x-rays. She obviously ovulates at a very low progesterone level, and surprises us with her "my time" births.

3 boys and 3 girls we welcome to our great big world. On my granddaughter's 4th birthday, we celebrate life with the Brady Bunch Collection. The birthing began around 5:50pm on 1/9/2022 and was completed by 9:30pm. Roxie is one AMAZING MAMA!

1st Roxie's Angel- stillborn female 7.6oz

2nd Marzipan Marcia weighed in at 9.9oz. She is our darkest female with a wavy coat.

3rd Bonsai Bobby weighed 7.7oz at birth. He has a tiny white mark on his head and white across his chest.

4th Cindy LooLoo weighed 8.3oz at birth. She is the lightest golden shade of the litter with a gentle wavy coat.

5th Gregorious Greg weighed 9.0oz at birth. He has no obvious markings & a curly coat.

6th Persistent Peter weighed 9.2oz at birth. He has a curly, light golden coat with an abstract white marking on his chest.

7th Jelly & Jan weighed in at 7.9oz, with a medium golden coat and no curls or significant markings at this time.

Parents: Rocks and Roses Doodles- Roxie & Gorgeous Goldendoodles- Cole Bear

Today 4 new puppies graced our world. Roxie is a proud mama, but still our little girl. 1 male, 3 feme, wriggling and squeaking, waiting for the names we will be speaking. God’s miracle we behold. More precious than pieces of silver or gold.

Written by Deborah Huster on January 24, 2021

ORDER OF BIRTH- Name, gender, weight, time & identifying characteristics

1. MaryAnn- female, 10.1oz, 2:34pm (straight hair)
2. Little Buddy- male, 10.2oz, 2:54pm (male anatomy)
3. Ginger- female, 8.4oz, 3:08pm (wavy hair, smallest pup)
4. Lovey- female, 10.1oz, 5:12pm (curly hair)

All puppies were caramel in color when they were born.

Parents: Rocks and Roses Doodles- Roxie & CurlyDOODLES- Red Carpet Idaho Tater "Tate" (first time parents)

Upon approval of application, a $500.00 reservation fee (deposit) is required to hold your puppy. That fee is non-refundable and not transferrable, however, it will hold your purchase price through 4 litters. After 4 declines, the deposit is good for as long as we are in business, but the price will become current from the 5th offer. Balance will be due when the puppies are 5 to 8 weeks old, at which time you can meet the puppies, if you have not already.

We cannot guarantee gender, color or coat. We believe our first and most important criteria should be placing the right puppy with the right family based on temperament. Gender, color and coat are nice to have on a wish list and we can take them into consideration but if you have a definite desire for certain genders or look, you must have an open time-frame or be willing to wait for another litter if our current litter does not produce what you were looking for. That being said, two of our puppies were very red when we picked them up, however by maturity, they were both almost white. Roxie's DNA suggests her mature weight would be close to 25lbs, but she weighs only 18lbs at 4+years.

Our Goldendoodle puppies are $3500.00. Balance must be paid in full at time of selection and signing of contract (Maryland State retail tax will also be collected at this time), usually between 5 and 7 weeks old. Puppies can go home between 8 and 10 weeks old. Our training is not complete until 10 weeks, but we do allow some flexibility when picking up. Any puppy not picked up by 10 weeks will incur a weekly fee of $180.00 for any delay, from 1up to 7 days. This allows us to devote the necessary time to train and socialize that puppy plus additional shots, feed and supplies as needed.

Your pup will be eating PawTree Chicken & Brown Rice kibble when they leave. I recommend that you pre-order from PawTree before picking up your puppy. To place an order, log on to PawTree.comRRD. If you change their food, it will probably upset their system, possibly causing diarrhea and it is very hard to potty train a puppy who is experiencing bowel problems. Feeding 3 times a day until 5 or 6 months, then twice a day will be fine. Start with 1 cup of kibble per day divided by number of meals. I sprinkle a little PawTree PawPairings Superfood Seasonings to create variety and added nutrition. I will send a couple of packets home with you. Watch your puppy’s body to determine if you are feeding them enough or too much.

I will send home a couple pee pads. Place one pad at the exit door as it’s used for “oh, I just couldn’t make it outside.” Take pup out every hour that they are awake, when you are awake, also as soon as your pup eats, drinks, wakes up or leaves crate. I recommend going to bed between 10-11pm. I expect your puppy to stay clean and quiet until @5-6am for the first couple of weeks. If your puppy is soiling its’ crate, make it smaller by placing a barricade or divider in it. They do not want to pee where they sleep. We have been using ChunHee potty bells (available from Amazon through my website). Touch their nose on the bells each time you exit door to potty. I also say “go potty”.

Choose a potty spot where you will want your puppy to “go potty”. After your puppy goes potty, reward with praise and possibly a small treat immediately. I always tell mine "go potty" & "BACK", because their bathroom area is at the back of our yard. Then I do not have to worry about my grandchildren stepping in "pooh" & I do not have to poop scoop before I can play frisbee or corn hole.

If you change their food, it will probably upset their system, possibly causing diarrhea and it is very hard to potty train a puppy who is experiencing bowel problems. Feeding starts at 3 times a day, but by 6 months, diminishes to twice a day. Start with 1 cup of kibble per day divided by number of meals. I open a capsule of PawTree Gastro Pro Plus and sprinkle this for “gut” health and a little PawTree PawPairings Superfood Seasonings over food for healthful advantage and to create variety.

You will need a small crate to begin with or at least a barricade to make it seem small. I crate whenever I am not at home and every night. If you are thinking about not crating at all, I recommend to do it for at least 6 months. You never know in the future if you will need to board or for some reason the dog needs to be contained. By crating in the beginning it gets them used to it and it keeps your puppy safe. Both of you will be happy to see each other when you get home. They may cry for a couple of days though they will have done plenty of crate time here. Placing the crate in a different part of the house where you cannot hear them as much will help you get through it. Use a command like “go sleep” and maybe place a small stuffed toy with your puppy. If your puppy continues to soil it's crate, REMOVE EVERYTHING soft & absorbent.

Remember to place your pup in the crate when you can’t watch it every moment. It is much easier to teach them not to pee in the house then it is to break them after they have started doing it.

Puppies sleep between 15-20 hours a day, and although they’re often likely just to drop in their tracks, bring you pup to its’ crate when ready for a nap and at bedtime. Crates are not “doggie jail.” They are more like your teenager’s bedroom. Dogs prefer the security and safety of a den, and this crate will become a safe space. I leave crate doors open all day after training. Most of the time when we are not interacting, my pups can be found lounging in their crate.

It is important to realize that dogs need boundaries. Start enforcing these from the moment you come home. Do not allow your puppy to break the rules “just this once” or it may confuse your pup when it's not allowed to do the same thing the next time. From the first day, your new puppy should sleep in the spot that has been designated for him. He should be kept off of pieces of furniture and out of areas of the house where he won’t be allowed later on in life. As difficult as it may be to resist puppy dog eyes or whimpers, your pup will be more secure later on if you stick to the rules from the beginning. My pups are not allowed in my kitchen and never have been, for fear of spilling something hot or dropping something sharp or just tripping over them.

Your pup will take time to adjust to being alone and not having siblings to share the pen with. Keep at it. No free reign of the house until potty training seems successful, at least a couple of months. If you can’t contain them, leash them to your belt loop and watch for signs like sniffing or squatting. This also protects them from chewing electric cords, furniture or other destructive activity that could also be hazardous.

We have already introduced your puppy to a collar and leash. Heeling should be done on your left side near your heel. If they pull on the leash, stop and stand perfectly still, say nothing. When they release their pull, you can resume walking, starting off with your left foot. If they pull, stop & say nothing again. They will soon realize that if they walk nicely, they can continue to walk. Reward good behavior with a very small treat. I like to use the treat pouch. Give command or wait for sit and give treat. The more you walk, the more they learn. Remember hips are not yet developed. Steps should be very limited. Walk on grass whenever possible during their first 6 months. No hiking miles or mountains until they are adults. Short walks only and only after all shots have been completed. Parvo is a deadly puppy disease that can be prevented by keeping your puppy safely away from other dogs and where other dogs "hang out or potty" until all vaccinations are complete! 

Keep water available during the day, unless crated. While pups are young, take it away several hours before crating for the night (I remove from puppies 3 hours before bed). When puppies are house & crate trained, water can be available all of the time.

We will have already introduced your pup to people outside of our home, children, other dogs, sounds, smells and textures. After all shots are complete, you can take your pup to a puppy kindergarten training class. This can be a great experience for you and the pup. Take the pup to friend’s houses for a visit. Try parks and big box stores. Get them used to going places and being well behaved. The first 6 months are critical to socializing. Introduce to more young children and lots of new sounds. The more you socialize, the more relaxed they become around strange and new things. Just be aware of diseases passed on by other dogs directly or indirectly. Complete all shots!

Start enforcing rules. Although it may seem too early to you, your pup needs to learn the house rules from the very beginning. The more structured and consistent its' day is, the better adjusted and happier your pup will be. Whether it’s chewing or any other behavior you do not want to encourage, use gentle redirection. Yelling or punishing your pup will only frighten and confuse it. Remember that your pup is only just starting to learn what is expected. Praising good behavior and deflecting (redirecting) unacceptable behavior is an effective way of help your puppy to learn.

At 5 months old, you will want to make an appt to spay or neuter your pup, in the near future. Talk with your vet about the best time. Be sure the vet (or you) send me a spay/neuter certificate including the correct microchip number.

It is very important to remember that your pup is like an infant when they come home. You are the parent. What you teach them is what they know. The first couple of days are traumatizing to a new pup. They do not have siblings to comfort them. They may cry when left alone. It may take 5 to 10 minutes for them to quiet. By day 4-5 they should be adjusting. In a few months, they will go and lay in their crate when the door is left open. It becomes a safe and comfortable space.

Pick up day is a big deal for puppy and family! It is exciting and overwhelming. Here is some info you need to know.

You and your new puppy need to take some time to get to know each other. As tempting as it may be to invite everyone you know over to meet your adorable new addition, it may be better to wait a few days. That way, your puppy has a chance to bond with you and your family and to grow comfortable in it's new home.

You’ve already prepared a puppy-proof area of your house, right? This is where you will begin. Do not allow your puppy loose to explore too much of the house at one time. Let your pup explore a small, designated area at a time. Possibly where food, water and crate are located. Allow time to adjust before introducing your puppy to the rest of the house, one room at a time, skipping the areas you’ve decided are off-limits. My dogs do not enter my kitchen. I am afraid of spilling something hot, dropping something sharp or just tripping over them.

Dogs thrive on consistency. Whenever possible, leave and return home, feed, walk, and play with your puppy at approximately the same time each day. Establishing a routine, from the beginning, will help your puppy feel safe and secure, reducing the chances of developing anxiety.

When you pick up your microchipped puppy, you will get a 2-year health warranty, pedigree of your dog's ancestors and proof of testing on both parents. Click on https://pawtree.com/RRD to place an order for their food BEFORE picking up your puppy. I will also give you a couple of PawPairings seasoning sample packets (just sprinkle a very little – not the whole packet on their kibble), a blanket with “family” scent, up-to-date shots, and a folder with all vet paperwork.

If you change their food, it will probably upset their system, possibly causing diarrhea. It is very hard to potty train a puppy who is experiencing bowel problems. Feeding begins with 3 times a day, but by 6 months, diminishes to twice a day. Start with 1 cup of kibble per day, divided by number of meals. I open a capsule of PawTree Gastro Pro Plus and sprinkle this for “gut” health and a very little PawTree PawPairings Superfood Seasonings over kibble for healthful advantage and to create variety.

Some other healthful suggestions from PawTree: Salmon Oil - for brain, skin, and coat health
Gastro Pro Plus - pre and probiotics and digestive enzymes for immune health
PawPairings - vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and variety

Setting up a regular scheduled delivery (EZ ship) with 3 or more qualifying items https://pawtree.com/RRD (food does not qualify but can be shipped free when added to your EZ ship order) will give you free shipping on the entire order. Items and shipping frequency can be changed at any time. I recommend the puppy starter kits (there are two different ones). They contain the Chicken kibble but, raising puppies on a mixture or variety of kibble helps them to avoid food allergies as adults.

Your pup will have been vetted, dewormed 3 times and given up-to-date shots before they go home with you. My vet recommends the next dose of deworming at 10 weeks and final dose at 14 weeks along with vaccines to include a minimum of rabies and distemper. You may need a booster at 16-17 because the first shot does not contain Lepto. Ask your vet what they recommend & if Lyme and Kennel Cough should be added. I expect your vet will also give your puppy their first dose of Revolution for flea and heartworm prevention. Be sure to keep up with Heartworm Prevention. It is critical! A small mosquito bite can transfer this deadly parasite to your furry friend. Your vet might switch you to another product. I prefer Revolution because it is safe even for puppies, however Revolution does not guard against ticks. It does guard against parasites and ear mites. My second choice at 6 months old is Bravecto and Heartguard. Talk with your vet about what is best for your new puppy.

Your pup has been microchipped. I am a lifetime alternate. You can add and remove many other alternates. I can register it for a lifetime with AKC Reunite. They also offer Lifetime Poison Helpline for only $15.00. I can register your pup for this too. If at any point your pup needs to be rehomed, it’s important to notify me first. I have first right of refusal. A microchip is only registered to your puppy. I also ask if you move or change info to notify me so I can update your file. 

I have notified you about Trupanion pet insurance. If you activated this benefit before you picked up your pup, it is covered for 30 days for accidental issues & illness (not well checks or shots). There is a $250.00 deductible. You can decide if you wish to continue or cancel. If your pup ingests something and requires surgery, it will run you around $2,000. Insurance can save you a ton of money!

Your pup will have been groomed at least once and nails trimmed about 6 to 8 times to get them used to it. Get a good daily brush. A slicker brush pulls out undercoat if pup is shedding or changing coat from puppy to adult. Brush the coat out in sections. Length is a personal choice. If your pup will be swimming or hiking through the woods, keep them groomed shorter. If you do not brush at least 3 times a week, then they will matt and you may need to groom them shorter. A matted puppy is a puppy in PAIN. If your puppy is matted, expect a groomer to charge more and the possibility of having your pup shaved very short every time. I groom my own dogs. I prefer the Wahl KM10 and groom at least every 4 to 8 weeks. Trim nails at least once a month. Be gentle. Don’t cut the “quick”. Some dogs are more comfortable having their nails filed with a doggy file. NEVER use an electric Dremel tool!

I will have had all of Roxie's pups DNA tested. If you are interested, you can purchase your pup's DNA tests from R&RD for $100.00 or send for your own testing to Embark for $130.00

I am always available to answer questions. Send me an email or give me a call. If at any point your puppy is not working out for you or if you have life changes that make it impossible for you to keep your pup, please notify me. I will help you. I have people contact me all the time who are looking for an adult. I would have no problem placing a dog that just didn’t work out or couldn’t be kept.

Some Helpful Information

Submit DNA test to EMBARK for $130.00 or save $30.00 and purchase your test results from me, your breeder for $100.00.

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