Once we decided we wanted a mini Goldendoodle, I researched more than 20 breeders. I learned about GANA, and knew we would only feel comfortable moving forward with a GANA breeder. We started communicating with Debbie and saw how knowledgeable and passionate she is about this breed. She answered all the questions we had and encouraged us to come visit before making a decision. That was important to us because so many breeders we had talked with would not allow us to visit, which made us uncomfortable. We visited and immediately saw how their dogs are part of the family and treated as such.

We've had our pup for around 6 weeks now and he is just the smartest and sweetest little guy. He loves everyone he's met, and it was clear Debbie spent a lot of time socializing and training the pups while they were with her. I would encourage anyone interested in a mini Goldendoodle who is looking for an ethical breeder to contact Rocks & Roses.

Lisa L.


We are thrilled with Daisy and our experience with Debbie and Rocks and Roses Doodles. Daisy is now 4 months old and is amazing- fully toilet trained, walks perfectly on a leash, listens extremely well, and is a complete snuggle buggle. From day one at our house, she was a loving member of our family and little sister to our 10 year old golden doodle. She learned how to go up and down stairs the first night! Debbie truly loves these puppies, and her hard work and dedication to them is evident in our Daisy. She is available for questions and support whenever we need her. We drove over 3 hours to her after being recommended by another GANA breeder and it was well worth it!

Kristin K.


We spoke with several breeders in our search for the right dog for our family. Finding Debbie at Rocks and Roses Doodles was the perfect fit. My mom and sister both adopted puppies in the last year (before us) and have been envious of all the diligence and support we found with Rocks and Roses Doodles. Not only is Debbie extremely diligent on the health and screening of pups before breeding, but Coco came to us at 10 weeks already crate trained, well on her way to being potty trained, sitting on command, well socialized and very happy. Debbie included all the puppy parents/families to-be in the whole process - pregnancy to puppies. Our three kids LOVED the excitement and learning all about their growing puppy before she was ready to come home. Debbie is a true dog whisperer, from training to matching-making personalities. She gets to know the puppies from birth and helped us pick the right puppy for our family's level of activity, steering us away from a more sedentary pup toward our lively Coco who dances, loves long walks or hikes, and is playful with my active kids. Coco is now 6 months old and has been an absolute joy! Debbie continues to be a huge support, teaching me how to groom Coco, training tips, and even talking my youngest (5 years old) through how to interact safely with a puppy. Debbie's passion and skill are an amazing combination that make her so much more than a breeder. 

Lauren S.


We got our Rory from Rocks & Roses Doodles recently. This is our first puppy and I cannot thank enough how smooth the whole process was. We were constantly updated about the status right from finding the right dad to pregnancy and birth of the pups. It was a joy watching all of them grow every week. Debbie is very passionate about her puppies. Our puppy was very well socialized around people and kids. He was crate trained and showed no signs of anxiety in a new place. He happily settled into the new routine within the first week of arrival. Debbie is always available to answer questions and very prompt in her responses and loves to see how the puppies are doing.

Tanvir K.


From Lauren's mom- Just have to tell you again what getting this puppy has meant to our family. Luca has instantly become a therapy dog for Lauren. He bonded with her immediately and is always sitting or lying at her feet, like somehow, he just knows how much she needs him. But it has also lifted up our entire family and given us something positive to focus on instead of cancer being the center of our lives. His personality is absolutely perfect, and I've even taken to calling him my "grandpuppy". I just can't express to you the difference he has made in all of our lives in the short time he has been here. Luca is amazing!

From Lauren- Luca knows “come” already, he is so smart! His personality is just outstanding! He is so loving, attentive and curious as he watches, explores and learns. He’s so good about loud noises; nothing really bothers him! He’s doing amazing walking on the leash, loves to play and he also loves to dig. We are sincerely grateful from the bottom of our hearts. Luca has given me comfort and love, something to do every day and be positive about. Since I got him, I’ve already had 3 people ask about the breeder and I’ve highly recommended you to all of them! He met my best friend's son three days ago and he was just absolutely amazing! Luca is perfect, exactly what I needed. He’s with me all the time taking care of me, and I him...

Lauren T. & Family


We are first time dog owners with 3 kids (tween/teens) and were looking for a certified Goldendoodle breeder due to mild allergies in a few family members. From our first contact with Debbie to our ongoing contact after bringing our puppy home (even now and puppy is one), Debbie’s passion for her role as a breeder and her love for Roxie and all the pups has been ever apparent. That care extends to the puppy’s human family members as Debbie was eager to and persistent in ensuring everyone in the family is knowledgable, confident and consistent in their care and training of the puppy.

Debbie communicated consistently throughout the pregnancy and early weeks of puppy life which built both excitement and understanding of the responsibilities ahead. Our puppy came to us at 10 weeks with a consistent sit and mostly housebroken. Puppies have accidents, but ours was well on her way to being fully housebroken when we got her. Debbie recommended a training program and has always made herself available for check-ins by text or phone as we navigated early days and hiccups with a new puppy. Further, she has welcomed us for visits so our puppy can reunite with her mom and siblings.  

Our puppy has brought incredible joy to our family which has only been enhanced by the relationship we have with Debbie and the Rocks and Roses family.

Whitney P.


We are first-time dog owners with a son that is mildly allergic to pet dander so it was extremely important for us to find a reputable Goldendoodle Breeder that could not only provide a healthy puppy but one that was carefully bred to provide the greatest chance for us to successfully add a new member to our family.  After researching the Goldendoodle breed, we decided that we would only partner with a GANA certified Goldendoodle Breeder because of the challenges associated with some of the puppy farms and the less regulated breeders.  We screened more than 20 different breeders before we were blessed enough to connect with Rocks & Roses Doodles.  In short, we couldn’t be happier or more satisfied!!

From the moment we spoke with Debbie we knew she cared deeply about her Goldendoodles and that she would do everything she could to deliver a happy and healthy puppy to our family.  Little did we know just how much love, care and attention to detail the entire team at Rocks & Roses Doodles would put into that effort.  It takes a team to raise a happy litter of puppies and the family at Rocks & Roses Doodles is incredible.  Everything from the carefully selected breeding process, to the pregnancy updates, to the social media posts, to the genetic testing review, to the pre-adoption vet visits, to the crate training, to the introductory potty training was absolutely fabulous.  As if that wasn’t enough, we think the one thing that truly makes Rocks & Roses Doodles special is the care that their puppies receive.  These puppies are LOVED and it shows.  When you take your little puppy home, he or she will know what it’s like to be loved and will enjoy being around you.

Our puppy Gracie (the pup formerly known as Lovey), is the sweetest little girl and we can’t imagine life without her in our family of seven.  She brings joy to our family every day.  We are so grateful to have found Rocks & Roses Doodles and for this gift to our family.  If you are considering adopting a Goldendoodle for your family, you should look no further than Rocks & Roses Doodles.  In our humble opinion, they are the best and we can’t imagine a better breeder to deliver a healthy and loving puppy to our family.

- The Gilligan Family

Mike & Kary G.


We recently got our first puppy in many years from Rocks & Roses Doodles. From the beginning we were impressed with how knowledgeable Debbie was about dogs as well as about breeding for healthy pups. In choosing the parents she carefully considers their genetic profiles. We had heard horror stories about irresponsible breeders producing puppies with major genetic/health problems. While there is no guarantee with any puppy, Debbie's careful and considered approach was reassuring. Once the puppies were born Debbie and Steve clearly loved them and were very diligent about socializing and training them. They made sure the pups were exposed to people, sounds, and different experiences. They started training the puppies in some basic behaviors such as recall, sit, and housebreaking. They also began crate training the puppies so that they could learn to start holding their bladders and also to having "alone time," both of which have been super helpful! We brought our puppy Rocky home a few days ago. He is a sweet and mellow little guy who easily accepts going into his crate or playpen without a lot of fussing. Housebreaking is going very well, and we are beginning to build on the basic behaviors he learned with Debbie and Steve. All along Debbie kept the future parents updated on the puppies' progress through regular Facebook photos and videos, and she has been a great source of information about how we should work with Rocky. She and Steve are warm and caring people who clearly know and love dogs--a great combination of dog lovers, good people, and professional breeders. They truly go the extra mile, and we would recommend them to anyone interested in one of these sweet mini Golden Doodles!

Mary & Bob G.