We recently got our first puppy in many years from Rocks & Roses Doodles. From the beginning we were impressed with how knowledgeable Debbie was about dogs as well as about breeding for healthy pups. In choosing the parents she carefully considers their genetic profiles. We had heard horror stories about irresponsible breeders producing puppies with major genetic/health problems. While there is no guarantee with any puppy, Debbie's careful and considered approach was reassuring. Once the puppies were born Debbie and Steve clearly loved them and were very diligent about socializing and training them. They made sure the pups were exposed to people, sounds, and different experiences. They started training the puppies in some basic behaviors such as recall, sit, and housebreaking. They also began crate training the puppies so that they could learn to start holding their bladders and also to having "alone time," both of which have been super helpful! We brought our puppy Rocky home a few days ago. He is a sweet and mellow little guy who easily accepts going into his crate or playpen without a lot of fussing. Housebreaking is going very well, and we are beginning to build on the basic behaviors he learned with Debbie and Steve. All along Debbie kept the future parents updated on the puppies' progress through regular Facebook photos and videos, and she has been a great source of information about how we should work with Rocky. She and Steve are warm and caring people who clearly know and love dogs--a great combination of dog lovers, good people, and professional breeders. They truly go the extra mile, and we would recommend them to anyone interested in one of these sweet mini Golden Doodles!

Mary and Bob G.